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In order to meet the increasing demand for electric cables in the global market and further enhance the ability and capacity of producing electrical equipment, Electrical Equipment ABB Co., Ltd. is a distributor of electric cables representing Huatong at Vietnam. With products of electric cables and electrical equipment, our company directly serves related projects and works.

Founded in 1993, Hebei Huatong Wire & Cable Group Co., Ltd. covers an area of ​​more than 220,000 square meters, owns more than 420 sets of production equipment and more than 250 sets of test equipment or equipment. Our annual production capacity is over 10,000 billion VND.

Currently, Huatong has more than 800 employees. Among them, more than 150 people are technicians. With the constant efforts of all employees, Hebei Huatong Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has realized the boom to become a modern enterprise, one of the comprehensive, large-scale enterprises. in domestic wire and cable industry. It is the high-tech, reliable, quality enterprise in Hebei Province. HT implemented ISO 9001 completely through the ISO 9001: 2000, ISO14001: 1996 and OHSMS18001: 2001 certification to achieve international advanced management.

Product: XLPE insulated electric cable with voltage up to 35kV, PVC insulated power cable, extraction cable, general rubber-coated soft cable, submersible oil pump cable, locomotive cable, offshore cable and Navy cable , nuclear station cable, pre-fabricated branch cable, aerial cable, control cable, special cable, motor coil connecting wire, aluminum fiber conductor (AAC) and aluminum core reinforced wire (ACSR ), etc.

Huatong's products are very popular in the domestic market and are also exported to other countries and regions such as the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, England, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Ghana, Congo, Middle East and Southeast Asia, ... Our products have a profound influence and a good reputation in both domestic and worldwide markets.

Be grateful, integrity, humility and respect for mutual benefit.

Creating value for customers: the goal of the business is to create new values ​​continuously. In this process, customers' essential products and services will be innovated and developed naturally. To help us get closer to our goals and to create the highest and best value for our customers.

Grow with our employees: business development cannot be done without the hard work and effort of every employee. How to establish good relationships between businesses and employees is an important topic for us. Innovative, respected individuals and efforts to practice and train competent professionals for each position. Besides, a good living environment has been created, realizing the common development of businesses and employees.

Contribution to the industry: the development of each business will promote industrial development. And industrial order will be kept by every business.

Responsible for chain partners: each partner in the chain has implications for the development of businesses and industries. We make great efforts to establish business partnerships with each partner on the basis of mutual trust, openness, risk sharing and benefit sharing.

Creating benefits for society: is an important part of society, businesses focus on social development, especially the development and progress of local society. Besides, all employees are encouraged to participate in social charity activities.

Coexist with the environment: there are relevant regulations in our strategies, policies and principles to support leading in environmental protection to coexist with the environment.

Corporate culture

Motto: Quality and customers are the most important factors in the development strategy of the Company.

Working attitude: efficient, speed, no apology.

Code of conduct for managers: typical examples; fairness is not selfish; Discipline; professional in business; respect employees; Working methods are highly effective.

Code of conduct for employees: Discipline, Civilization, Technology, pursuit and team work

Development Goals:

Medium-term goal: Create ABBVINA electric cable brand
Long-term goal: long-term, permanent developme

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