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EVNSPC inspects the implementation of the Kien Binh - Phu Quoc 220kV transmission line project

According to the report of the Southern Power Project Management Board, up to now, the work has completed 38/117 pillars and other items have completed more than 40% of the workload. The production of steel pillars prepared for the installation also reached over 50% of the volume.

Although there are many difficulties in the progress of implementing and completing work items due to unfavorable construction weather conditions, the COVID-19 epidemic is still complicated ..., however, due to the attention, serious, close direction, favorable conditions of EVNSPC and local authorities have helped construction units to promptly remove difficulties and problems; speed up the construction progress, strive to finish ahead of the proposed plan, contribute to relieving the pressure of capacity for the 110kV submarine cable monopoly line which is having high load on Phu Quoc island district (Kien Giang province).

Mr. Pham Ngoc Le - Deputy General Director of EVNSPC requested that the Southern Power PMU, related departments and units of the Corporation continue to work closely with Kien Giang Power Company (Kien Giang PC), departments, branches and local authorities in project implementation, especially problems in the work of compensation and site clearance.

For matters beyond authority, the Deputy General Director of EVNSPC suggested units to promptly report to EVNSPC, to quickly remove difficulties and problems; At the same time, it is committed to arrange the disbursement of capital in time according to the plan, to avoid affecting the construction progress.

Construction units overcoming difficulties, promoting construction solutions, units with shortage of volume must actively organize work to compensate to ensure the volume is in accordance with the content, plan and schedule. (expected completion of the Lunar New Year 2021).

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